Multi-Level Assault Ladder

SDMS Product Code : SF154

Found in: Police and Special Forces, Ladders

The Multi-Level Assault Ladder is designed for use in a surprise assault through a window or door opening at first floor level and above.  The ladder is capable of taking the weight of six fully armed and equipped operators using the ladder at the same time, and is already in use with the world's best Special Forces units.

The Multi-Level Assault Ladder is made of aluminium to British Standard BS1474 for both the rung and stile sections.  Both sections are deeply serrated to provide better grip to hand, foot and wall.  The rungs are set into the stile using a special process which securely locks them and will not loosen with use.

The ladder derives most of its strengh from having a third centre stile.  Wall wheels and automatic rung hooks are fitted for ease of extension.  The large rubber articulated feet help prevent the ladder from slipping, thus giving users complete confidence in the equipment.

Folded length:                       3.6m

Maximum extended length:    6.25m

Width:                                    0.780m

Multi-Level Assault Ladder
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