MK2 Intelligent Power Supply System

SDMS Product Code : SU311

Found in: Surveillance, Power supply systems

The MK2 Intelligent Power Supply System is a dual battery power supply which provides a lightweight solution for powering vehicle-fitted communication systems with two power outputs while protecting the vehicle's standard battery supply.

The MK2 Power Supply System is designed to work with two UBI-2590 batteries which are supplied with the system, but it will work with any compatible rechargeable batteries.  Batteries are protected by a hard-wearing cover.  Battery status and input-charge status indication is available by means of a press-button operated LED display.

Charging from the vehicle battery while the engine is running, the MK2 Intelligent Power Supply System automatically stops drawing charge from the vehicle battery when it detects that the voltage is decreasing towards a level too low to start the vehicle engine.  It then automatically resumes charging once the voltage increases to a safe level.

MK2 Intelligent Power Supply System
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