This 1000mm flexible endoscope has built-in illumination and terminates in a pencil grip handle with a semi-rigid, 0.96mm diameter, forward viewing (0°) insertion probe with a wide 85° field of view.  Outstanding resolution is achieved using a 17000 pixel image system.

The kit is designed to allow the remote observation of areas where only a small access hole is available.  Typical surveillance applications include viewing through a keyhole or a micro-size hole drilled through a wall, possibly made by our Low Noise Drill.

The Micro Pencil Probe Kit can be supplied with insertion probes of 100mm, 150mm or 300mm lengths and the probe length should be stipulated when ordering.  The miniature fixed eyepiece, with a focussing control, can be viewed direct or attached to any suitable "C" mount TV camera using the adaptor provided.  A pocket light source is also included to allow inspection of dark areas such as locks or mail packages/envelopes.  Other probe options are also available, including forward viewing probes at 8mm diameter and side viewing versions at 0.96mm diameter.

Micro Pencil Probe Endoscope Kit
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