Interscope Search Endoscope Kit

SDMS Product Code : SE155

Found in: EOD and Search, Inspection Equipment

The Interscope Search Endoscope is a portable endoscope for searching inaccessible areas of buildings, ships and vehicles. The robust fixed focus endoscope can be used to inspect cavities and hollow structures internally through holes and gaps of 12mm diameter, with illumination provided by a bright 10 watt lamp protected within the tip.

The Interscope Search Endoscope is supplied with a lightweight battery pack, which provides 90 minutes' plus continuous use when fully charged, and a charger power unit. The endoscope allows the rapid internal inspection of cavities through a hole of only 12mm diameter.

The powerful lamp protected within the tip of the Interscope Search Endoscope provides bright illumination for searching dark areas.

Interscope Features ¨ 12 mm diameter, ¨ side viewing only ¨ portable


Weight: Complete kit with carrying case - 5 kg Battery: Rechargeable lead/acid battery 6V, 3 - 4 Ah Case: Leatherette case with belt clip Socket:  3-pin XLR socket Power:  Charger unit Output 6V DC Input 110/120 or 220/240V AC

Interscope Search Endoscope Kit
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