Explosive Isolation Unit

SDMS Product Code : SE252

NATO Stock No. : 1385-99-399-0551

Found in: EOD and Search, Bomb Containment and Disposal

The Explosive Isolation Unit (EIU) has been developed in consultation with UK government EOD and IEDD experts for the safe confinement of postal bombs, explosives, suspect packages and IED devices.

The EIU is a simple-to-use and intrinsically safe steel box that can accommodate a wide variety of packages and can fit under most work surfaces.  It is lined with an unique blast attenuation material that resembles a "sponge" to absorb blast and fragments.

The labyrinth of tiny air pockets within the EIU "sponge" effectively traps energy from an explosion and breaks up the shockwaves from a blast.  Blast fragments and gases are kept within the EIU, thus allowing for the fast and effective collection of forensic evidence if this is required.

External size:      630 x 650 x 680mm

Internal size:       475 x 380 x 350mm

Weight:               100kg

Explosive Isolation Unit
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