Electronic Stethoscope

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The Electronic Stethoscope is designed for specific operations in the field of Search, IEDD and EOD and is mainly used for the detection of weak sound waves such as clockwork timers, a common component of IEDs and incendiary devices. The operating principle of the Electronic Stethoscope is the detection and amplification of sound waves by using the search heads provided.

The non-contact search head interacts with a number of electronic circuits rendering them detectable by the stethoscope. The Electronic Stethoscope’s contact search head is used for the detection of impact sound travelling through surrounding material such as pipes and packing material. The high frequency non-contact search head of the Electronic Stethoscope is used for the contactless detection of sound waves resulting from oscillating mechanics. The oscillating of metal components, such as the movement in a clock, will modulate the high frequency beam.

The reflected signal will be detected and made audible. The frequency head is a useful and complimentary method of the system, as it penetrates electrical material such as wood, packing and plastics. The significant advantage of this method compared to the contact search head is that it is not influenced by ambient airborne sound.

Electronic Stethoscope
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