Bloodhound Wired Microphone Detection System

SDMS Product Code : CS148

Found in: Counter Surveillance, Bugging detection systems

Bloodhound was developed by UK government counter-measures technical experts as a fully-portable, acoustically-stimulated microphone detection system.  It operates by detecting the audio signal from a microphone and subjecting it to high amplification with elaborate filtering to remove extraneous noise.

Bloodhound is used by the UK and many other governments to detect the following types of espionage attacks.

  • Primary:  amplified wired microphone systems where the target site is wired direct to a listening post, audio attack on telephone instruments and audio presence on cables.
  • Secondary:  radio microphones, tape recorder attacks, video camera surveillance, general purpose amplification, especially on very weak and noisy signals, and cable tracing.

Bloodhound can be used in both covert (passive) and overt (active) modes.

Antenna size:  250 x 140 x 15mm

Bloodhound Wired Microphone Detection System
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