AMR-11 Hand-Held Metal Detector

SDMS Product Code : SE340

Found in: EOD and Search, Detectors

The new (Year 2010) AMR-11 hand-held metal detector uses super-high sensitivity technology to make it the most sensitive detector currently available worldwide.

The main features of the AMR-11 metal detector are the eleven finely tuned and individually programmable sensitivity settings that enable the operator to select the exact sensitivity setting required for the detection of a specifically sized metal target.  In addition the operator of the AMR-11 has the ability to pre-programme the detector to the same exact sensitivity setting each time the detector is used, even if being used by multiple operators.

The AMR-11 also has the ability to digitally re-callibrate itself to compensate for any high amounts of static metal that might be present during a search screening operation.

Size:       360 x 105 x 55m (14.2" x 2" x 1.2")

Weight:   262g (9.2oz) 



AMR-11 Hand-Held Metal Detector
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