Air-Seal Puncture Prevention System

SDMS Product Code : PE172

Found in: Personal Protection, Puncture prevention system

  • Prevents 95% of all tread punctures
  • Stops all bead and rim leaks and slow punctures permanently
  • Improves tyre longevity
  • Cost effective
  • Suitable for 4x4s, ATVs, motorbikes

Air-Seal is a bottle injected solution, that provides near fail-safe, long-term protection, against single or multiple punctures up to 15mm in size.  It is recommended for use in hostile environments, where the safety and security implications of a puncture or blow-out can be extremely serious.  Air-Seal is in service with various UK government agencies/departments, as well as the United Nations, in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

Immediately a puncture occurs, the air pressure in the tyre forces the Air Seal solution, which contains millions of filler particles, to interlock and form a permanent seal.  The loss of tyre pressure is so negligible that the puncture normally goes unnoticed.

The Standard system, supplied in four handy one-litre bottles, is sufficient to protect a 4x4 vehicle and can be installed by an untrained operator in approximately 40 minutes.

20 litre containers are also available.

Air-Seal Puncture Prevention System
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